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Sandblasting Equipment in Englewood, CO

For economical and productive surface preparation solutions, turn to Fortna Equipment Company. We provide reliable sandblasting and metal finishing parts and service for customers in and around Englewood, CO.

Cabinets and Rooms

The Reclaim Separator System makes Zero Blast cabinets especially efficient since reusable media is separated. We carry an assortment of sizes and cabinet styles. From smaller jobs to more extensive projects, Clemco blast rooms can be configured to any size and shape you need. Options include pre-assembled blast rooms, pneumatic recovery for light or fine media, mechanical recovery for heavy media and full-floor recovery systems that don't require sweeping.

Finishing and Cleaning Equipment

Available in sizes ranging from 1 cubic foot capacity to 70 cubic feet, Sweco Vibratory finishing mills produce an efficient method for enhancing the surface finish of your cast or machined parts. Excellent for both smaller cleaning tanks and complete pass-through systems, Sonicor Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is available from Sonicor Instrument Corp.
Sand blasting work — Sandblasting in Englewood, CO

Blast Systems

Aerolyte systems are designed for use with lightweight, fine-mesh abrasives. These systems use proven blast cleaning technology for added efficiency. Available in capacities ranging from 0.5 cubic feet to 160 cubic feet, Clemco pressure pots are extremely versatile. Added features include abrasive cutoff controls and safety controls for use by multiple operators. We also carry the Clemco special application equipment you need for specialized jobs including Wetblast injection system accessories for pressure pots. Available equipment includes:
  • Closed-circuit blasting systems that contain the media and dust
  • Obiter Pipe Painting Systems
  • Spin Blast Pipe Cleaning Systems